Bobby From Boston

Fine Men's & Women's vintage clothing

We’re happy to announce that we have moved the shop to our warehouse space at 545 Washington Street in Lynn, MA. We look forward to welcoming you to the best vintage wonderland this side of the Atlantic!


Bobby From Boston has evolved from a personal collection, to a showroom, to an internationally recognized source of premium men's and women's vintage clothing. 

Bobby Garnett passed away in 2016. His daughter Jessica, along with her faithful employees keeps Bobby’s legacy going strong. Every detail in the carefully curated space celebrates Bobby’s passion and the shop continues to be a primary resource for the movie industry as well as major fashion labels such as Ralph Lauren, Jcrew, Tom Ford, LL Bean, Abercrombie, and Tommy Hilfiger. 

We hope too see you soon! Nothing made Bobby happier than waving to folks from his antique quilt-draped Mission style rocker, telling them the full story behind any piece of clothing and belting out the lyrics to the retro funk and soul music that always provided the perfect hunting soundtrack.